Indian Food Hacks That Will Be Sure to Save You Time

Nobody wants to spend forever cooking in the kitchen, right? Indian recipes sometimes take a long time to prepare, trust us... we know!


These simple food hacks will help you spend less time cooking and more time enjoying.



1.   Stop Spending Ages Chopping Onion!


Onions are the basis of most South Indian dishes, and most other dishes too, but boy they are a PAIN to cut-up.


They give us watery, stinging eyes and leave your hands smelling of onion for days! Purchasing a big bag of pre-chopped onions from the supermarket is a great way to cut corners and save time and tears.


Or, if you find you have some spare time you could always prepare a few chopped onions, and pop them in a freezer bag, and freeze them so that they are ready for use later-on. This a great step towards creating Indian meal-prep.


2.   Try Out This New way of Peeling Garlic


Again, garlic is also a go-to for Indian dishes. So, what’s the best way of peeling it?


Simply soak your garlic cloves in warm water 30 minutes before you plan to use them, and the skin will literally slide off your fingers!

Again, this hack saves you time and means you no longer have to spend the rest of the day with garlic hands!

3.   Peel Ginger Using a Spoon


Stop using a knife to peel ginger! Usually, ginger skin can be easily removed using just a spoon.


Ginger is used in almost all non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes of traditional Indian cuisine, especially in South Indian dishes.


By using a spoon, you avoid removing more than just the skin and reduce wastage! Simply scrape the edge of the spoon against the ginger to peel off the skin.


4. Keep Spices in Dark, Cool Places


This next tip may not necessarily save you cooking time, but it will certainly make your dishes taste better!


Keep your spices away from heat as much as possible as they lose their flavour when exposed to humidity and heat.


This is vital when creating delicious Indian food- spices are just key!


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