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Adil Sayeed started Dill Desi in 2020 with one mission; to make South Indian food healthier. We are an exciting new start-up based in North London, delivering the best of the Indian cuisine to customers around the UK. Our Indian meal-prep is made with only the freshest ingredients, meaning you can store the food for up to three months of it being delivered!


Our menu offers a variety dishes that contain under 500 calories each, meaning we offer you low calorie South Indian food- which is almost unheard of! To achieve this, we have Implemented innovative cooking methods to ensure our food contains very low percentages of fats, salt and sugars; whilst still retaining those mouth-watering flavours. So, there won’t be any compromise on taste!


We offer a delicious range of appetisers, mains and side dishes for very affordable prices starting from just £8.50. Whilst some of our dishes do contain meat products, we strive to be as inclusive as possible, meaning we do also offer a few vegetarian dishes, like our ‘Veggie Pakora’, all 100% Halal.

Founder of Dill Desi

Our Story


Dill Desi’s founder and CEO Adil lived in the city of Hyderabad for most of his childhood, where he grew up around the south Indian culture and of course, the delicious Indian cuisine! Once moving to England, he realised that generally, Indian food was classed as an unhealthy option that people could only enjoy occasionally.


Therefore, he felt determined to change the reputation of Indian food, by working with nutritionists to create a menu full of wonderful dishes that could be enjoyed 100% #guiltfree! Since then, Dill Desi has adopted the tagline #Guiltfreeindianfood - which you may see on our social media!


Our founder also felt that it was important for all of Dill Desi’s food to be Halal, as he had always struggled to find places around his local area that could provide halal food that was also healthy. Dill Desi aims to make Healthy Halal food more accessible to the public.


Proudly, Dill Desi is now “100% Halal certified”, and it is a pleasure to be able to offer customers such diversity.