5 Spices That Make Indian Food So Delicious!

Spices That Make Indian Food So Delicious

5 Spices That Make Indian Food So Delicious!



Indian food is one of the most popular cuisines around the world, as people love its delicious flavours and fantastic aroma. India is a country of diversity, being home to many different cultures and traditions; which is then reflected in the taste of its food. It is this variety and diversity that makes the Indian cuisine so delicious! However, its variety can sometimes feel overwhelming or intimidating. So, let's learn about how to use some of the most important spices used in Indian cooking!

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1.     Cardamom


There are two types of Cardamom used in Indian cooking; green and black. Often, green cardamom is used to give a dish a sweeter-smelling aroma, whereas black Cardamom is more potent and should be used with more caution. For example, we recommend only using the seeds, unless you have a real love for spice!

Tip: A great dish to add this wonderful spice to is a Lamb Rogan Josh.


2.     Coriander


Coriander is one of the oldest-known spices in the world, famous for its unique rigid texture and golden yellow colour. It can be used both whole, and ground into spice mixes.Similar to Cumin, Coriander should be dry roasted until you spot a golden-brown colour start to emerge, and the seeds begin “popping” in the pan. The coriander leaves create a lovely aroma to any dish, or alternatively can be used to garnish a dish once it is fully prepared. So, remember to sprinkle those coriander leaves onto your dish, to wow your dinner guests with your presentation skills! A great dish to add Coriander to is Chicken Tikka Masala, a dish we all know and love!



3.     Cumin


Cumin is often added to spice mixes to add a smoky flavour to Indian dishes. It can be identified by its distinct ridged brown seeds and intense fragrance. Unlike black Cardamom, Cumin can be used whole, however can be easily burnt when cooking. To avoid this, simply toast your cumin for just 30 seconds, until you can start to smell that smoky aroma!


Tip: Let the spice cool down before blending it into mixes.



4.     Saffron


Saffron is reportedly one of the most expensive spices in the world, as it is one of the most labour-intensive spices to produce as it needs to be picked by hand. Generally, the deeper the colour, the fresher the Saffron is. So, look out for that deep red colour when picking out your ingredients! Saffron should be used in small quantities, as it has an intense flavour.


5.     Nutmeg


The nutmeg tree is native to the BandaIslands of Indonesia and it produces two different spices: Nutmeg andMace. Nutmeg and Mace are used very often inIndian cooking. Fresh Nutmeg has a tough outer coating that should be cracked off before grating. Also, Nutmeg does not need to be toasted before being blended into spice mixes, unlike Cumin and Cardamom.  Nutmeg can be a great investment, as it lasts for years after being dried. So, it is best to buy it whole and grate it into your dishes whenever you fancy!


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